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The Herbal Mud - The Power of Nature

Category: Facial/body Beauty By: 解博 醫師 Dr. Robert Xie Created at: 02/27/2007

Pearl has always bee considered in the world as a popular and sacred cosmetic. Legend old us those two thousand years ago. Cleopatra, the gorgeous queen of Egypt. I order to maintain her beauty: had a precious pearl the size of an olive ground into powder and swallowed it with wine.

In China during the Qing dynasty. Ci Xi Queen Dowager, who held power for forty years long, was also an enthusiast on using pearl to keep her youth. She not only look pearl powder orally, but also apply it over her body. It was said that her skin was like a young girl’s even when she was 60 years old without any blemishes. ( Dong Zhu, the best pearl available in Qing dynasty could only be used by the royalties.)

In Chinese history: many medical books on herbs recorded the usage of pearl for its effects on calming and tranquilizing the nerves. It could also eliminate acne and make skin clean, shining, delicate and young. The four herbs, all roots of plants, Ji (30%), Bai Fu-zi (15%) and Lian (15%). Put together create a very effective cosmetic formula. This formula was recorded as early as Tang dynasty in the Zao-Dou Formula, and was acclaimed by the contemporaries. This formula has been handed down to this day and with the same high reputation. However, when modern Western civilization flourishes. Gerald quantities of Western brand named cosmetics flooded the market. People gradually forget this traditional formula, which is in fact the most natural and most effective skin beautifying and protecti9on formula.

We now bring this formula, the Chinese herb formula, used for thousands of years by Chinese women to make themselves beautiful to the United States. And taking advantage of their custom of devotion to naturalness. For all the ones the love beauty and naturalness. Let these plant roots, which have absorbed the essence of nature to protect our skin and moisturize our body.

JI-can eliminate wrinkles. In Chinese medicine it works as an agent in healing wounds and skin cracks. For people whose hands and feet could not heal for a long period of time, this herb can help to promote healing very fast. For people with dry skin, a few applications will be sufficient to improve the condition. ZHI-root of a plant with fragrant flowers. It helps the skin pigments to spread evenly and perfectly. It can eliminate black spots on the skin and has a function of stopping itching.

LIAN-root of herb plant. According to Ben Cao Mu, its best functi9on is to eliminate acne and the prevention of its growth. BAI FU ZI-can stop itching and to make the skin more delicate and exquisite. It also helps the fat layer under the skin to spread more evenly.