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The Crisis Of Middle Age Man

Category: Case Studies By: 解博 醫師 Dr. Robert Xie Created at: 02/27/2007

What are middle age man's health problems? How to keep healthy and how to slow down the aging process? How to be able to have a healthy middle age? This are the questions that each middle age man should ask.

“Huang Di Nei Gi”, the bible of Chinese medicine, begins with how man's health deteriorates as part of the aging process. All human beings have a physical clock inside their body. It runs from newborn, toddler, teens, to youth, adults and then senior. It ends when people die. The only difference is that female runs 7 years as a cycle when man's cycle is 8 years.

Man starts to have sufficient Qi (life force) in kidney, fine hair and strong teeth at age of 8. Usually male develops more slowly than female at infancy, shows in areas such as speaking, reading and etc.

The Qi (life force) in kidney gets stronger and well developed when man turns 28.

At age 38, the Qi in kidney is at average level. But his teeth, bone and tendonitis are getting stronger.

When man turns 48, his has strong bone and tendonitis, and has built up strong muscles.

At the age of 58 man's Qi in kidney starts to weaken, it starts with losing hair and weaker teeth. Degeneration starts with kidney and so is sexual function which starts to decline after 40.

At the age of 68, the aging process proceeds and man has weaker function in heart and spleen, because of the degeneration of Yang Qi.

At the age of 78, the Qi in liver is very weak and so is tendonitis and kidney. The sperm is insufficient; therefore, the body is not functioning well either. The Qi in Liver supports the Yang, while the Qi in kidney maintains the sperm. Man should cut down the sex activity at this age.

At the age of 88, man starts to lose a lot of hair and teeth. Kidney plays a critical function at this age for man.

The most important age for man is from 40 to 48, he needs to be kept very healthy in order to slow the aging. There are two bad deteriorations for man. One is so called ED, erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence). This kind of man normally has problem of sleeping, he doesn't get enough sleep, and tends to be anxiety, angry and upset. When man starts to have ED symptom, it shows that there is insufficient Yang Qi in the body. However, this kind of man tends to force himself to work hard and exercise hard without feeling tired. This is the worst kind because this kind of man has insufficient Yin Qi and his Yang Qi out of function too. This causes him to age quickly and can develop high blood pressure.

The other bad deterioration is complete ED. This kind of man has no energy and tends to be over weight. This kind of man has lost interest for anything so he is not stimulated either. He even loses the interest to sexual activity or can't last long during the sexual activity. This is the symptom of being in the stage of complete ED. Sometimes he is only interested in eating and starts eating more and more yet still feeling hungry afterwards. Then his problem becomes more serious and he can be the perfect candidate of diabetes. Both of his spleen and kidney are weak at this stage.

The reason of keeping man in a very healthy condition between age 40 and 48 is that all the deteriorations associated with diseases start at this age. If man can keep the balance of his body's Yin and Yang at this age, the deterioration process will occurs later until in his late 60's. Even when it occurs, it will occur slowly. On the other hand, if man doesn't maintain the balance of his body's Yin and Yang between age of 40 and 48, even though some times, the symptoms do not show at that age there are aging related diseases being developed at that time, and they will start to show when they are about 64 with serious symptoms. Some less fortunate men even die in their late 40 th due to accumulated stress, tiredness and pressure.

In summary, the age of 40-48 is the critical age period for men. How man can live healthy and longer without aging related disease, is highly depending on how men maintain their body and health at this age. Man should learn to take care of their body and health with guidance from the Chinese Medicine doctors who can proscribe them different herbal medicine, and suggest balanced exercise and food which are customized for each individual.