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How To Fefeate Diabetes

Category: Case Studies By: 解博 醫師 Dr. Robert Xie Created at: 02/27/2007

In general, diabetes, a degeneration disease, can't be cured. People have to suffer from taking medication for the rest of life with special diet as well. In Chinese medicine point of view, diabetes can be cured depending on if the doctor treats them right which is different than western medicine.

The mystery about the western medicine is that western medicine treats all symptoms, diseases, illness with one and the only one standard medicine no matter the patient's weight, over all health condition, habit of eating, sleeping, etc. There may be 100 kinds of medicine for diabetes and the doctor will prescribe one kind for patients to try with feedback whether it is suitable for them then to make change for the 2 nd kind and so on until the patients find the right one and stay with it for the rest of life. Pharmaceutical companies have studied and developed many medicines for these chronic diseases for patients to take in a life time period, however, none is able to cure the disease itself.

Diabetes is actually treatable for cure. It is hard to believe by the patients who need to make clear thinking back and forth to oppose the brain washed concept of that diabetes can't be treated. I have practical clinic proven that many diabetes patients were cured in my clinic, Tong Yi Tang.

Mr. Feng was diagnosed diabetes one year ago. He came to Tong Yi Tang without taking any medicine yet with blood sugar level around 235. He felt tired, thirsty, had problem of sleeping, losing hair and fatty liver. After two weeks treatment, his blood sugar level reduced to 135 and continued reducing to 80-90 in a month. What a surprise!! He also lost 50 lbs within 3 months and he felt great with his body. He didn't feel thirsty yet he always feels moisture in his mouth along with new hair glowing and maintains his blood sugar at 80-120 or even 74 as the lowest. He is no more diabetes patient.

Mr. Chang was diagnosed diabetes three years ago. His blood sugar was at as high as 300 or 400 sometimes which almost passed out. He was taking medicine to maintain his blood sugar at 190. Both of his legs were weak and painful that he could only walk around 20 minutes a time. He was referred to Tong Yi Tang. I treated him with both acupuncture and herbal medicine. Within a month, his blood sugar reduced to 120-140 and stopped taking western medicine. After three months, his blood sugar maintained at 120 and continued reducing to 110 the next year. He hasn't been taking any western medicine ever since he came to Tong Yi Tang along with stable blood sugar and can walk over 2 hours.

Mrs. Fan was a diabetes patient for 6 years and who had been taking western medicine ever since but still her blood sugar was high at 290 along with ketone acid at 12.7%. Her urinary protein has 4 of tens and her urine contained white cell. Her urology doctor advised her for hemodialysis in the near future and injection with insulin. Two months later after she came to Tong Yi Tang, her blood sugar reduced to 110-140 with no more urinary protein and white cell in her urine. Her ketone acid reduced to 5.9%. The test was done at Polo Alto Foundation with doctor's comment as “excellent”.

All above clinical practice are listed in our clinic patient file. It is no difficult to get blood sugar tested now a day, so is treating diabetes by the following key points:

1. Come to Chinese medicine as early as diabetes or its symptoms are detected for better result in fully cure.

2. Must coordinate with the doctor with 100% efforts for more than 70% fully cure.

3. Need to be persistent for a completed treatment.

I want to thank all of above patients who make me feel the happiness from within my heart when I see their smile showing on their face after being cured.