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Computer Eye Syndrome

Category: Case Studies By: 解博 醫師 Dr. Robert Xie Created at: 02/27/2007

Life in modern brings great to people and inevitably also brings them bodily harms. The popular use of computer, watching television, Internet, and playing electronic games caused great injuries to eyes. Millions of yeas of human evolution had not designed for people's to use their eyes to watch a screen with flickering flighty altering from strong to weak.

Numerous computer engineers live in the Bay Area. Computer use is widespread. This area is therefore a community having most serious eye injuries. The computer engineers are also the direct victims. For the various eye diseases caused by long period of stimulation from the flicking screen lights and watching the detailed graphs and images we now temporarily call them the Computer Eye Syndrome.

We have been in contact with many patients damaged by the Computer Eye Syndrome and now sum up some of the symptoms of this disease as follows:

1. Dryness of the eyes. Eyes open with difficulty.

2. Fatigue and soreness of the eyes. Unable for prolonged use of them.

3. Blurred vision, unable to see clearly, especially the small characters.

4. Afraid of light. Eyes become watery when exposed to light.

5.Double vision, Subjects overlap with each other, especially when looking at small characters.

6. Eyes hurt. The orbit, even the head hurts spasmodically.

7. Unable to see at night or in darkened light.

8. Eyes easily become blood shot.

9. When watch computer for too long, would feel dizziness and nausea.

10. Unable to concentrate. 11. Black spots appear in the vision field.

With two or more of the above symptoms, you are afflicted with the Computer Eye Syndrome. Structure of the eyes is complex and delicate. Three nerves govern the turning of the eyeballs. When looking at things, the human being's eyeballs jump from one point to another. When looking at words beyond two feet, your vision jump from one word to another, the eyeballs move only 0.005mm. Eyes get tired easily if watching tiny characters continuously for eight hours.

During the process of evolution the light the eyes have been used to look at is reflexive. The evolution may have continued for millions of years and after the invention of the computer suddenly they must adjust to watching for a prolonged period at the direct light from the computer screen. This is indeed a difficult adjustment for mankind. Hence it is the cause of the multiple occurrence of Computer Eye Syndrome.

Eye fatigue is related to many conditions: such as the degree of brightness of the reading light, distance, depth of observation, and how often the eye muscles contract, all of these is related to the volume of oxygen used in the cerebrum. The light generated from the computer is not the reflexive light used to by mankind. The long duration, the frequent change pictures, the relativity stable distance between the eyes and the computer, the high degree of brightness, and the riveted observation, all o f these tires out the eyes easily. When the eye muscle groups contract too frequent, it leads to their weakening and lack of strength, then the contraction function works improperly and slow down the eyes' ability in adjusting focuses.

By and by blurred vision appears and easily becomes presbyopia. On the other hand, cerebrums of computer workers are highly active and use great quantity of oxygen. Both the nervous and blood systems of the eye start from the cerebrum. When the volume of oxygen usage is high in the cerebrum, the eyes often do not receive enough oxygen. This is also an important cause for the computer workers to be affected by Computer Eye Syndrome. Another cause, tension, is also an important one, also leads to Computer Eye Syndrome. Tension easily affects the eyes.

Chinese Medicine maintains that eyes are the doors of the liver, Liver also controls anger, Too much tension disturbs the dispersing function of liver, in turn is strongly affects the eyes. Liver stasis leads to red eyes, tearing eyes when exposed to light. Hepatic fire leads to congestion and distending pain of the eyes and headaches. The development of Glaucoma is related to prolonged tension and depression. Eyes are one of the human organs extremely easy to get harmed, and yet difficult for self-healing and recovery. Therefore the prevention of eye diseases is very important.

Computer Eye Syndrome foreshadows other grave eye changes and should be treated in time as well as taking active prevention. As how to take prevention, Chinese Medicine provides a full and complete program supported by medical theories. The Chinese Medicine maintains that the ability for eyes to see requires the supply of the essence from the viscera.

In Chinese Medicine, heart is considered the organ governing blood vessels and blood circulation. When eyes become blood shot, swollen and ache, it is a sign of too much heat in the heart meridian. The liver energy system governs the tendon systems, including the movements of the moving parts of the eyes such as the contraction of pupils and the turning of eye balls. It is at the same time also assists the heart in its blood circulation function.

The kidney energy system governs the optical network, mainly the optical nerves, retina and their bio energy supplies. Lungs govern the protection of the surface of the body and the transportation and the distribution of body fluids. That is to say, the lung energy systems govern the protective function of the eyes against invasion of germs, bacteria, wind and cold, wind and heat. They also govern the secretion of tears and the circulation of aqueous humor. Spleen govern the muscles, transportation and dispersion of liquids. That is energy system, the spleen, governs the energy for muscle movements, aqueous humor circulation, eyelids as well as the supply of the nutrients used by them.

The above describes parts, not in details, of the theoretic basis of Chinese ophthalmology for reference. The prevention methods proposed by Chinese Medicine are simple and practical, extremely suitable for Computer Eye Syndrome.

The prevention method consists of the following parts:

1. Eye Health Exercise: Effectiveness could definitely be achieved when practiced everybody after the use of eyes. When practicing, correct posture should be maintained, pressure on outpoints applied. Scrape across the eye orbit. Eyes would feel clear immediately after competed the exercise.

2. Regular with Chinese medicine or Acupuncture: Begin this process before you are seriously ill while often not feeling well. Qian Li Ming Mu Wan is a precious Chinese medicine for the treatment and care of eyes. The research and development of it was based on the Chinese ophthalmologic thirty, the stagnation and close up of the sweat gland's pores. Then the liver loses its ability of dissipating and dispersing and leads to a phenomenon that the object's brightness seems to be reduced. This medicine is good for long-term use.

3. Pay attention to eye hygiene. Get enough rest. Look at green colors often, and look out at distant place. This article is provided by Robert Xie, LAC, R& T Herbs & Acupuncture Clinic.