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My headaches had decreased by about 75% after about one month of treatments

Category: headaches By: Kimberly Ann Davis Created at: 03/01/2010
From Kimberly Ann Davis March 1,2010 Ten years ago I was diagnosed with non-allergic rhinitis. I was glad to finally have a diagnosis, but disheartened that there was no cure. Unfortunately, I have suffered from headaches and migraines due to my non-allergic rhinitis. Decongestants and nasal sprays have helped in managing some symptoms, but did not help the amount of headaches that I was getting. At this time I was also under the care of a neurologist for my headaches and migraines. I had down spiraled to the point of having about four migraines per month, as well as daily headaches. This was all very depressing. The only thing that I had not tried was acupuncture. I has tried more ten different medications, had an MRI to rule out tumors or disease, avoided many foods, exercised regularly, and was basically as a loss for anything else that could help me. At the times I began acupuncture I did not believe it would work. I tried it simply to say that I had tried everything. My appointment was with Tao Xie (CA license #6211) of Robert & Tao Herbs & Acupuncture Clinic. I was very frightened about the appointment because the idea if poking needles into my skin seemed very strange and invasive. Dr. Xie was very honest with what he could treat and what he could not. He assured me that the needles are sterile and dispose if in a sharps contained after they are used only once. He was also extremely patient and re-assuring. After about one month of treatments my headaches had decreased by about 75%. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Over the following year they continued to decrease 90%. The healing took times, but has lasted and entire decade. Since then I have been treated for pain associated with dental work and also had tendonitis in my arm reversed. Acupuncture differs from taking pain killers in that it facilitates healing of the root cause of pain, rather than masking pain. I still get occasional headaches, but the frequency and duration have both decreased by 95%. To me it seemed like magic, but there is and ancient science behind acupuncture that many of us westerners are not accustomed to. I did some research and found that even the AMA finds acupuncture effective for a list of things. It is most effective in pain management. Sincerely Kim Davis