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Testimonial for sinus

Category: Sinus By: Robert Charlton Created at: 02/22/2011
Testimonial: Before I found Dr. Tao I had had a sinus infection for two years. Doctors gave me six different strains of antibiotics, but none of them helped. They only hurt my stomach and caused me to lose weight and get weaker. Then they told me I needed surgery, but the earliest available date wouldn't be for five months. I was convinced that these doctors would kill me before the surgery date and that I needed a different approach to my problems. That's when I did a web search and found Dr. Tao. He didn't think I needed surgery and told me that my problem stemmed from poor digestion preventing my body from healing the infection. After several months of treatment my stomach quit hurting (Hooray!) and my sinuses are more than 90% better than before. After my experience there I can recommend both Dr. Tao and Dr. Robert if you're having medical problems. I'm doing so much better that I'm running out of things to complain about. From: Robert Charlton