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Dr. Robert Xie cured my Meniere-type vertigo

Category: 美尼尔眩晕 By: Ms. tt Created at: 09/21/2011
我患美尼而式眩晕有数年,在西医治疗了数年,越来越严重,最近每天发做,二十几次,无法工作,甚至呕吐食物,致使无法进食,体重下降了很多。西医说只有开刀将内耳蜗摘除这最后一种方法可以一用了。但摘除了一侧的内耳一只耳朵就听不到声音了,我很害怕。我包着一试的心态,来解医师这里进行针灸治疗。谁知,奇迹出现了。只针了一次眩晕就大减,可以进食了。 两次就可以自己开车了。四次就回复上班了。针灸了一个月八次就可以踢足球了。踢足球是我的最大爱好, 但自从我得了眩晕证,我已经好久没有踢足球了。 我现在很开心,针灸,中医真的是了不起,解医师的医术真的是很高明。 I suffer from vertigo meniere for several years in western medicine for several years, more and more serious, recently happened every day, twenty times, unable to work, or even vomiting of food, resulting in not eating, weight loss a lot. Western Doctors say that only the inner cochlea removal surgery this last approach can be a used. But removed the side of the inner ear can not hear sound in one ear, and I was afraid. I wrapped the mentality to try to solve here acupuncture physician. Who knows, a miracle happened. Only one try, the needle on a greatly reduced vertigo, can eat up. Twice to their driving. Four times to work on the response. Acupuncture for a month eight times I can play football. Football is my biggest hobby, but since I got dizzy card, I have not played football a long time. I am very happy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine is really great, thanks Dr. Robert Xie, who is really very brilliant.