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doctor Xie cured my diabetes

Category: 糖尿病 By: T23 Created at: 03/10/2012
解医师治好了我的糖尿病,我检查出糖尿病一年多血糖在200以上,眼睛模糊, 听朋友介绍找到了解医师,第一天去当时测血糖260多,但针灸两次后眼睛就不花了。一个多月血糖就降下来了。而且一直道现在已经一年多一点都没再上去,中医真的很神奇. Doctor Xie cured my diabetes, I checked out diabetes a year ago, blood sugar is over 200, blurred eyes. Listen to a friend, I find the Dr. Xie, understanding of physicians, the first day to measure blood sugar was over 260, acupuncture twice eye is not spent. More than a month blood sugar down. And little has been Road has now been more than a year did not re-up, Chinese medicine is really amazing.