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numbness has gone from upper arm to lower arm

Category: numbness By: hui y Created at: 12/06/2011
Dr. Xie Tao has been our favorite accupunrist in bay area, not just because the effectiveness of his treatment, also the kind of care he showed towards his patients. My mother in law, who's not a big fan of herbal medicine, agreed to find help from Tao's clinic. For years she had been troubled with serious numbness of her whole right arm. After only 5 treatments, the numbness has gone from upper arm to lower arm, and another couple of times, the numbness is gone almost completely. It was such a success! I followed up with her a few months later, everything is still good. You know how important is to keep your in laws happy, so Im a very satisfied client. Thank you dr. Xie. http://www.yelp.com/biz/robert-and-tao-herbs-and-acupuncture-clinic-fremont