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My indigestion problem is cured

Category: indigestion By: mei-ching hsiao Created at: 03/10/2012
The review from mei-ching hsiao This year I was quite sick because I suffered from disgestion problem since March. I always felt bloated on my stomach and couldn't eat much and almost lost 20 pounds in six months. (from 102 pounds to 82 pounds). I had been to my family doctor and some specilist and had gone through some testing procedures. The diagnosis is nothing serious but minor inflammation on my stomach. However my weight kept dropping and I became weaker and weaker everyday. I also went to several tridional Chinese doctors without any improvement. Finally I went to Dr. Robert through the recommendation of my friend. Dr. Robert gave me acupuncture and immediately my stomach started grumbling and rumbling. After that I brought home some herbs from the clinic. I needed to cook it and drink it. To make the long story short, basically I was completely cured (which means I can eat, digest the food and live a more energetic life) in two weeks with just four visits to the clinic. In about one month, I gained about 6 pounds. So far I still go to the clinic for other problem with geat improvement as well. I am not going to write it down here. Besides that, my little boy also received treatments and advices from Dr. Robert. My son had very poor appetite in the past few months. After one month's care from Dr. Robert, my son is back to normal now. Dr. Robert is the best troditional Chinese doctor so far I have seen in US. I really thank him for helping me and my son. May 10/1/2011 -------------------- 这一年,我病了,自从阳春三月以来,消化有问题。我总是觉得我肚子发胀,吃不下东西,在6个月内体重下降了20磅(从102磅到82磅)。我一直去看我的家庭医生和一些专 科医生,化验后的诊断是:胃部没有什么严重的问题,但有轻微的炎症。然而,我 的体重不断下降,我的身体不断地虚弱。我还去看了几个中医师,也没有任何改善。 最后,由朋友的建议我去看了罗伯特博士。罗伯特博士给我针灸,我的胃立刻开 始好转。从那以后,我从诊所带回家一些草药。我需要煮中药和饮用。长话短说, 我基本上是完全治愈(这意味着我可以吃,消化食物和生活更加充满活力)在两周 内去到诊所四次,就有了如此的效果。一个月左右后,我增加了体重约6磅。 到目前为止,我还是继续去诊所是为了改善一些其他问题,我不打算在这里把它 写下来。此外,我的小男孩也收到了罗伯特博士的治疗和建议。在过去几个月,我 的儿子有胃口很差。罗伯特博士一个月的护理后,我的儿子现在是恢复到正常。 到目前为止,我在美国看过的所有的中医生中,我认为罗伯特博士是最好的。我真 的很感谢他帮助了我和我的儿子。 May 10/1/2011