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Allergy symptoms gone after 3 visits

Category: allergy By: Victor Lui Created at: 05/28/2011
I had been experiencing allergy and had to take 2YREEC once a day to control the symptoms (such as running nose and sneeze) for 3 years, but 2YREEC would cause side effect, I would feel dizziness and fatigue. On Dec, 2008, I have be preformed acupuncture treatments for only 3 visits, all allergy symptoms was gone and have not came back since then without any medicine. 我的过敏(如流鼻涕,打喷嚏)已有三年了,必须每天用一次2YREEC来控制它,但2YREEC会造成副作用,我会感到头晕和疲劳。在2008年12月,我去了同义堂诊所针灸治疗了三次,所有的过敏症状消失了,也没有复发,就再没有服过任何药物。