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Robert did a great job curing my allergy

Category: allergy By: Peng X Created at: 12/06/2011
Robert did a great job curing my allergy, I have severe allergy with my eyes and noses every spring. Robert did a pulse diagnosis and before I told him my symptom, he told me most of my symptom. He prescribed a few set of herbs. And after one day, my itchy eyes are halfly cured. in a week, I am a free man. I really appreciate Dr. Robert. And now I go to see him as my family doctor for even a common cold that west doctors have no cure. http://www.yelp.com/biz/robert-and-tao-herbs-and-acupuncture-clinic-fremont 解博醫師治愈了我的過敏。我的眼睛和鼻子每年春季都要嚴重過敏﹐我沒有先告訴他 我的症狀,解博醫師診脈後,他告訴了我,我的大部分症狀。他針灸和配了幾付藥 材給我。一天後,我的眼睛癢癢不癢了。在一個星期後,完全治愈了。我很欣賞和 感謝解博醫師。現在,即使是普通感冒﹑西醫生不容易治愈的病﹐我都找解博醫師﹐ 他已成為我的家庭醫生。