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My hand can be lifted

Category: x pain By: T25 Created at: 03/10/2012
我的手可以举起来了。谢谢解医师,本来我的我的手举不起来。我的脖子痛的无法睡觉,西医说这是我的颈椎的问题一定得做手术,可是解医师只用了两周就让我的脖子不痛了。又用了两周我的手就可以举起来了。解医师免了我的手术之苦,我找到了正确的中医. My hand can be lifted now. Thank Dr. Xie, my hands can not be lifted, and my neck pain, also can not sleep. Western doctor said it must be operated on my cervical spine, but Doctor Xie tooks only two weeks to have cured my neck pain. Spent another two weeks, my hand can be lifted. Doctor Xie helps me to avoid the surgery, I found the right Chinese medicine.