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Dr. Xie Tao has helped me for Parkinson's Disease tremendously

Category: Parkinson By: Paula Bailey Created at: 12/06/2011
Dr. Xie Tao has been treating me for Parkinson's Disease and has helped me tremendously. I saw an immediate decrease in symptoms, particularly the shaking, to the point that I forgot to take my medication! After treatment over several months, I was able to decrease the dosage of Ropinirole that my neurologist had prescribed from 12 pills a day to only 2, which I take in the morning. This is helpful not only for convenience, but the reduction in side effects caused by the medication. As muscle stiffness has begun to set in, I was starting to lose coordination and fine motor skills in my right hand, to the point that eating with a fork was becoming frustratingly difficult. Tao is focusing on that and I am seeing amazing improvement in the movement of my right hand, as well as a decrease in stiffness in my legs, so that I can walk without stumbling. My neurologist is very pleased with my progress in fighting this disease. She says that I am doing better than all of her other Parkinson's patients. I've even been able to continue my kung fu classes. I'm very grateful to Tao for helping me. It's takes dedication to continue this process, but his calm and caring manner gives me courage. I have complete trust in his technical skills, as well as his ability to comfort my fears. It's obvious that he cares for his patients.